projects singapore

Palm Tree Complex

Palm Tree Complex – Singapore A sustainable irrigation system was required using recycled effluent water stored below ground in a 260Kl tank. The pumped recycled effluent is treated using chlorine and UV during the irrigation operation. Client: Moreton Bay Regional Council.Main Con: Scape Shapes.Size: 3 Ha.

Oasis Hotel

Oasis Hotel An automatic irrigation system was designed to irrigate planter boxes and garden beds on a 28 storey hotel next to the Tanjong Pagar MRT. The irrigation system has two water supplies via a pumping system to levels 27 & 28 and a gravity feed supply feeding the lower levels. Client: Tropical Environment. …

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Gardens By The Bay

Gardens By The Bay From major 3D pump station design, to open plan presentation turf zones with intricate botanical gardens, to micro sub-surface drip irrigation delivering precise quantities of nutrient enriched water for all plant species from around the world in on ground and vertical planted structures. Virtually every aspect of irrigation products and current …

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