Water Harvesting & Storage

An integral part of a sustainable irrigation system is the harvesting and storage of its water supply. Water Equipment Technology is an international design and consultancy company that specialises in water harvesting and storage systems of irrigation water. 

Sizing storage based on harvesting opportunities and irrigation requirements. 

  • Survey and location selection
  • Soil testing and soil treatment
  • Dam liners
  • Engineered referable dam wall designs and specifications
  • Pumping and filtration systems
  • Evaporation and seepage measuring and monitoring
  • Anti-evaporation techniques and products
  • Below and above ground track selection and specification
  • Engineered designs and specification
  • Gross pollutant trap design and specification
  • Pumping and filtration design and specification
  • Automative monitoring of tank water levels
  • Automatic transfer of water between tanks