Design & Consultancy

WET offers design and consultancy services based on the latest technology, information and designs. Our design team can tailor a system to suit all applications and budgets whilst always being conscious of impact on the environment, water supply and sustainability. Teamed up with the industry’s most reputable suppliers, you can be sure that only quality products are used by our experienced staff. 

Areas of Expertise
  • Broad acre
  • Row crops
  • Drip irrigation
  • Centre pivots & lateral moves
  • Farrow irrigation
  • Aeroponics
  • Storage & harvesting design
  • Evaporation & seepage loses measuring and monitoring
  • Pumping and filtration design and secifications
  • Automatic fertilising & nutrient dosing
  • Commercial Turf
  • Golf Courses
  • Sports Fields
  • Botanical Parks & Gardens
  • Central Control Systems
  • Soils & Agronomy
  • Water Supply Testings & Analyses
  • Pumping and Filtration Design & Specifications
  • Storage & Harvesting Designs
  • Recycled Water Treatment and Supply
  • Hydraulic calculations and sizing if pipes and mains
  • Automatic fertilising & nutrient dosing